Rock the Boat

Rock the Boat is an open-access, theatre-based resource designed to provoke dialogue about graduate supervision relationships within universities, and their impact on student and faculty wellbeing. Drawing upon the tradition of Research-based Theatre, Rock the Boat draws attention to graduate supervision as a vital form of pedagogy, and as rife with challenges ā€” especially relating to equity, inclusion and diversity.

Led by Susan Cox and Michael Lee.

The Philosophy Exception

The Philosophy Exception is a searchable and ever growing database of English-language literature related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic philosophy as a discipline. While it has been well documented that academic philosophy lacks diversity along a number of dimensions (similar to the most demographically-challenged STEM fields), progress on addressing this issue has largely stalled in the past two decades.

We hope to enable researchers to find existing data more readily and highlight gaps in the work to direct future research.

Led by Alison Wylie.

Feminist Philosophy Archive Directory

The Feminist Philosophy Archive Directory features a directory of archives of feminist philosophers and related organizations to help researchers dig more deeply into feminist philosophersā€™ work, see connections, and understand how feminist philosophers influenced each other and how their ideas evolved over time.

Send us your archive if you have one or contact us for help setting one up!

Led by Ann Garry, Marilyn Frye, Alison Jagger, and Sandra Harding.